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Mindfulness Workshops and Trainings

offered by Roger Thomson, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomson and other Integrative Health Partners staff have given talks, workshops, and trainings in mindfulness to many different organizations.

Professional groups like the Chicago Association for Contextual and Behavioral Sciences, Rush NeuroBehavioral Center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Lorene Replogle Counseling Center have benefitted from intensive training in mindfulness and have invited Dr. Thomson to speak at seminars and conferences.

Schools such as Summit School and Rondout School and have found that training teachers and educators in mindfulness has a positive effect on both staff morale and student well being. Dr. Thomson has led mindfulness trainings for private schools in the Chicago area.

Universities like Loyola University and DePaul University have regularly invited Integrative Health Partners to make presentations at a variety of events related to health and wellness.

Church groups, like the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, have sponsored public workshops on mindfulness. These can be day-long workshops, a series of weekly training, or talks to various groups.

Families have found that they can experience greater closeness and understanding by participating in a family mindfulness training. The process of learning to become more compassionate and less reactive can be beneficial for family members of all ages, and the commitment to learn something new and healthful brings the family together in a very positive way.

Talks, workshops, and trainings can be customized to a wide variety of needs and situations. It can be very useful to learn mindfulness techniques with people who live and work with you because your group members can support each other in the crucial stages of beginning mindfulness practice.

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